Gender Equity Advocate Training

We’re pleased to announce that we have completed our spring cohorts 1-3 and have trained 45 advocates now in the field to begin this important work.

Our Gender Equity Advocates are embedded in the organizations and communities listed below, currently working to make change in hiring processes to lift women into leadership roles.

Academy for Jewish Religion-Aleph Society/Global Day of Jewish Learning-CareerUp Now-Center for Modern Jewish Studies, Brandeis University-Columbia University-Combined Jewish Philanthropies, Boston-Congregation B’nai Israel (Millburn NJ)-Congregation Brothers of Israel (Newtown PA)-Dale Glasser Training and Consulting-East End Temple (New York, NY)-Glacier Jewish Community/B’nai Shalom (Whitefish, MT)-Hadassah-Hazon-Hebrew College-Hillel International-Jewish Vocational Services/Career Services (Cincinnati, OH)-Jewish Women’s Foundation of NY-Ta’amod-Larchmont Temple (Larchmont, NY)-New Israel Fund-Onward Israel-ORT America-Prizmah-Repair the World-Temple Beth Zion (Buffalo, NY)-Temple Emanu-El (New York, NY)-The Abraham Initiatives-The Gene-Sis-The Jewish Education Project-Tribe12-UJA Federation of NY-Union of Reform Judaism-Upstart

We look forward to launching our next Cohorts in the fall of 2019, including team cohorts and cohorts specifically designed for lay leaders and board members.

Click here to let us know you’re interested in our Fall 2019 Cohorts.

WE’RE CHANGING.When we see gender inequities across the Jewish community, we’re ever more prepared to call them out. Panels with no female contributors? Quoting only male experts in a talk? No.

But yet, as we hire employees, we still allow gender bias to pervade the process.

Let’s align our organizational values with our Jewish values. Let’s examine our unconscious biases. Let’s design for diversity. Let’s stop accepting the way it’s always been done.

We believe that hiring processes that are more gender equitable will help organizations help women rise to positions of leadership and enable them to hire the best candidates at the same time.

The Gender Equity in Hiring in the Jewish Community Project (GEiHP) believes that the hiring process is a key leverage point for organizations as they begin to address their gender biases. In order for the change we seek to become embedded in our communal organizations and our individual actions, we will dig deeply into cultures of bias and build our capacity–both individual and organizational– to recognize and correct these biases as we build support systems to align hiring practices with our Jewish values of equality and fairness.


Our Gender Equity Advocates will spend time immersing themselves in the hiring process from end to end, considering how organizations prepare, interview candidates and offer positions. Gender Equity Advocates are:

  • embedded in their Jewish community as this work is done within their current roles
  • represent a diverse assembly of Jewish communal professionals and volunteer lay leaders
  • prepared to serve as advocates for gender equal and unbiased processes, language and behaviors, with a specific focus around hiring
  • interested in and positioned to build organizational capacity
  • individual professionals and lay leaders fundamental to the success of their organizations and communities


Please note that attendance at the full program is expected. This program is a full day (approximately 9:00am-5:00pm) and will be located at a venue in Manhattan, TBD


We expect to welcome between 12 and 15 individuals to each cohort which will join our Gender Equity Advocate Network upon completion of the training.

We also encourage nominations: please feel free to share this to others who will benefit from being a part of this work.

The GEiHP is funded by generous grants from the Safety Respect Equity Coalition and The Jewish Theological Seminary‘s Seeds of InnovationGrant.

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