The GEiHP was created with the belief that reformulating the hiring process is a key leverage point for Jewish organizations as they begin to address gender biases. In order for the change we seek to become embedded in our communal organizations and our individual actions, we must dig deeply into cultures of bias and build capacity to recognize and correct these biases as we build support systems to align hiring practices with our Jewish values of equality and fairness.

The vast majority of employees in Jewish communal organizations are women, yet nearly all of the top positions continue to be filled by men. Until 2018, The Forward published a salary survey listing the names and salaries of those at the helm of these Jewish communal organizations. Just like every year previously, the data for 2017 indicates that a woman’s name doesn’t appear until number 29 on the list. And out of the top 56, only 9 are women. This needs to change. While the purpose of this data set is to look at the top tier of organizations, and our plan is to look at the larger scope of Jewish organizations, it is important to note the lack of women across the board as a data point. This problem is endemic to the field as a whole, and is not isolated to just these organizations. Again, it’s time for change.

Our work is rooted in three core principles:


  • Aligning Jewish organizations with core Jewish values is a sacred obligation;
  • Diversity of all kinds bring new intelligence and perspectives to organizations;
  • Changing organizational cultures happens over time and with consistent support to disrupt existing assumptions and processes;

55 individuals are now Gender Equity Advocates, representing 53 different Jewish organizations

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW FOR OUR BALTIMORE COHORT: APRIL 22, 2020 and for more information about the Baltimore workshop & training

The GEiHP is funded by generous grants from the Safety Respect Equity Coalition and The Jewish Theological Seminary‘s Seeds of Innovation Grant.

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